Kim Kardashian Is No More No. 1 On Instagram, Taylor Swift Is On The Throne Now

kim kardashian hot Photo, kim kardashian Bikini Images (16)Photo by manoj8555

Kim Kardashian was No. 1 for a very long time, and when we say No. 1 we mean that she had the most followers on her Instagram account. However, since Tuesday Taylor Swift made huge jump passing Beyoncé on second place and Kim on first.

The score is very tight right now, Taylor has over 45.5 million followers while Kim is right behind her with 45.5 million. Beyoncé is behind them with “just” 45 million, staying firm on third place.

The thing is that reality star and “Wildest Dream” singer have very different style on Instagram. While Kim is posting very sexy photos of her cleavage and her body in bikini or some other sexy outfit, Taylor is posting photos of her cat, sweater that some of her fans made for her, romantic photos of her and her boyfriend and her with her friends. The big jump Taylor got when she posted pictures from her “1987 tour”, which became very famous for all the different stars she brought on stage with her.


The question is now will Taylor stay on the top or Kim’s racial body will won the throne again. If you are not following either of them you can choose your favorite and help her keep her throne or retake it again.