Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Have Decided That They Don’t Want To Get Divorced

Khloe still in love with LemarPhoto by snowgreentwins

Bad times drives people closer, and that is exactly what happened with Kardashian/Odom couple after Odom’s near death experience. They decided to try one more time realizing what it means to really loose somebody.

TMZ is reporting that Laura Wasser who represents Khloe went to court to withdraw divorce papers that were signed already. They are not officially divorced because the procedure was not finished and judge did not sign them yet.

Judge said yes to Wasser request so they officially are staying married. They got back together after Odom almost died in Nevada brothel. First few days were very critical and now he is recovering. His wife was with him all the time. The famous couple filed for divorce back in 2013 but they did not sign until July 2014. I guess they wanted to be sure that nothing else can be done. She wanted for him to go to rehab.

This reuniting happened because he realized that this is the time to finish with drags once for all. He promised her that he is done forever this time, and she gave him a second chance. Also the same source told TMZ that he kept repeating that he loves her, and two promises like that combined were enough for her to say yes. Some members of Kardashian family think that she is making mistake because he promised to go to rehab before but never came through.


However, drags never threatened his life like this before, so we tend to believe him. Near death experience can change people and make them question their priorities. For Odom’s sake we hope he will change this time for real.