Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody Of Her Children And She Won’t Be Able To Take Them To USA Anymore

Kelly RutherfordPhoto by colormekatie

Kelly Rutherford lost one of the most important battles in her life, a custody of her two children Hermes 9, and Helena 6, and now she won’t be able to take them to USA. A court in Monaco gave full custody to her ex-husband Daniel Giersch, according to Daily Mail.

After this decision she would be able to visit her children in France and Monaco. According to independent lawyer that had nothing to do with a case, this happened because Rutherford appealed in California and New York and got denied. He explains it that this way Monaco court is saying that they have the jurisdiction, and they want to keep it.

The biggest mistake Kelly did is when she refused to put the children on a plane to Europe after their summer vacation, that they spend with their mother in US was over. At that time she stated for People Magazine that children got really panicky and cried because they did not want to leave. After that incident her ex-husband called it kidnapping and that had most impact on judge’s ruling. Now as a result she can only visit her kids but not take them with her, so according to many she has only herself to blame for such decision.


This is what Michael Stutman, Head of Family Group at Mishcon de Reya New York, who also was not involved in the case, said about this ruling: “The actions of Ms. Rutherford leading up to this ruling make the decision to award custody to Mr. Giersch the furthest thing from a surprise. Ms. Rutherford essentially had her head handed to her because she tried to take the law into her own hands.”