Keira Knightley Was Proposed On Her Broadway Debut Show By Unknown Fan

Keira Knightley 3Photo by technceleb
Crazy fans strike once again.

Keira Knightley had her debut starring in Therese Raquin by Helen Edmunson.  It was her first performance in Broadway and the next day should be about her reviews but instead is about a fan that interrupted the play soon after the begging. The whole thing happened in Studio 54 which is famous for Shia LaBeouf’s performance of Cabaret a year ago (shouting and slapping Alan Cumming’s bottom).

The reports from the audience says that as soon as Keira stepped on stage, one man from the audience started yelling saying stuff to her.

“I turned and noticed that there was a guy hanging off the mezzanine yelling stuff to the stage,” one audience member told.

This is what he said:

“’Keira, none of this is real! This is all an act! Christ was born a virgin!’ He kept yelling before ending with a perfunctory, ‘Will you marry me?’”

He even brought the flowers throwing them on the stage while security escorted him out of the building.

“He then tossed the unwanted bouquet onto the stage. The flowers landed near her [Knightley] and another actor [co-star Gabriel Ebert], who reportedly kicked them into the wings to audience cheers.” Another eyewitness told.

Because all of this fusses, play stopped, but they continued after the break that lasted about five minutes.

The play Therese Raquin will officially be open on October 29 and this was a preview.


We can be sure what the man tried to accomplish. Nobody ever got a “yes” on that kind of proposal. Well now Keira will have an interesting anecdote to tell about her first play in Broadway.