Kate Hudson: I Have Two Children With Two Different Men, My Family Is Pretty Uncommon

The beautiful daughter of Goldie Hawn, actress Kate Hudson, openly talked about her, she says, an unconventional family. In fact, Kate (35) has two sons with two different men, she is not married to her current partner Matt, but the two have recently engaged.

kate-hudsonPhoto by Flickr

Beautiful Kate has two sons

– I have two children. I can not say that I’m conventional, but what is conventional these days. I have two children with two different men, and that is supposedly unconventional. Not to me! Or at least not in a family where I grew up. I am a strict mother, because I believe that today’s children are growing up too fast. Ryder asked me for cell … it could be given a pager, but only when he reach 12 years – said Kate.

Kate is engaged to Matt Bellamy since 2011. When asked whether they plan to marry, Kate didn’t give a clear answer.

– I think that fault is in fact that I grew up in an unconventional family. We are happy. We have two children and family. Often we have to try to find the time just for the two of us. I think that if we got married, it would be just for the kids. We are very happy, marriage is not a ticket to happiness, but it gives you a sense of security – said Kate.

Although she has an excellent figure, the actress said that it is not easy to be fit.


– When I was young, I could eat whatever I wanted, but I’ve noticed over the years that it is not good. My mom has always remembered me to eat too much cheeseburgers – revealed Kate.
The actress has two sons, Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson and Bingham with her ​​fiancé Matt. Recently, in an interview, Kate said that she adores every moment she spends with the children at home and that for her that is the greatest luxury, because she often travels for work.