Kardashian Sisters Launched Websites And Aplications That Are Not Free And Not Cheap

The Kardashian-Jenner Apps Are Here In Case Your Life Is EmptyPhoto by kristagonzales67

Sisters Kim, Khloe Kardashians as well as Kaylie and Kendall Jenner launched their apps, and all of them are charging $2.99 month. Maybe it does not sound that much but that is about $35 a year which is more then yearly digital subscripiton for Vogue.

Kourtney Kardashian does not have the app yet but she will. The reason is while sisters were working on theirs she gave birth and took care of her infant. Her aplication is coming soon and it will focus more on motherhood and interior design than on fashion and makeup.

Kim’s application is the place where ou can see beauty tutorials, behind the scene photos that are not published online, live sterams and other stuff that makes Kim’s world. However a lot of users are complaining that the price is too high for stuff that can be found online like those beauty tutorials. There is some free stuff on her site like her pregnancy diary, which is not too exciting anyway.

Kylie’s lifestyle app is even less of content, apparently only three section that you can view for top 10 minutes. The one section is her paparazzi photos that the internet is full of but the clothes she wares on them are linked to the pages where you can buy it. But she describes it differently:


“I [put] so much time in to it. And it’s stuff that I would never choose to share in a million years, but deep down I want my true fans to know, like all my personal stuff and tricks, stuff that I would never share on Instagram. So, if they want to know real personal stuff that makes me a little uncomfortable to share, then I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.” Maybe in the future they will enrich their sites and they will be worth the money, but for now it does not seem so.