Justin Bieber’s Wannabe Found Dead at Motel Room

The Justin Bieber lookalike was found dead ...Photo by newshubz3
A man who spent a fortune to look like Justin Bieber is dead. His name was Tobias Sheldon and he was 35 years old. They found him dead in a motel room on August 21 in San Fernando Valley in California.

Cause of death is unknown at the moment but the police allegedly found drugs at the room where they found him. Toby was missing since August 18 and the last place he was seen was North Orange Grove Avenue in Hollywood.

When he was reported missing some friends considered it to be really unusual, because he did not leave any messages or called anybody, and they say that was not like him to do.

Police thinks that his disappearance may have something to do with his ex-boyfriend and their breakup, but it is just one option.

Tobias Sheldon was among other things a songwriter living in L.A. He had obsession wanting to look exactly like Justin Bieber and he spent more than $100,000 on surgeries to fulfill his dream. He was kind of celebrity because of that, appearing on Botched and My Strange Addiction.


He even wrote and recorded song and a video with other plastic surgery fanatics about their love and obsession of going under knife of a plastic surgeon. The song is called “The Plastic”.