Justin Bieber With His Single “Sorry” Got On The No. 1 Place On Billboard’s List, Dethroning Adele And Her Single “Hello”

Justin Bieber in Leather PantsPhoto by GayLeatherLover

This is the second time in his career that Justin Bieber got his song on No. 1 of Billboard Hot 100. He did it with his single “Sorry” which putted Adele’s “Hello” on second place.

This change of places happened on January 11. Justin’s single comes from his latest album “Purpose”. “Hello” sat on the throne for full ten consecutive weeks and “Sorry” was right behind for eight weeks. Interesting thing is that both of the artist released their singles on the same day – October 23.

Two stars had completely opposite marketing strategy. Justin’s “Sorry” was released with great hype, meaning that he made 30 day countdown and every day another celebrity was leading up to the “Sorry” release. On the other hand “Hello” was published by surprise along with the video for that same song. Adele did better job for the first two months but now the Bieber got his moment of glory. For Bieber it took a lot of work to get even his first single to No. 1 position.


Since 2009 he had 46 charted songs and finally on September 19 he got his first No.1 with the song “What Do You Mean?”. Now this single is among Top 10 and his “Love Yourself” is in third place. In the U.K. Bieber made another big thing – he is first artist that takes first three positions on the Top 40 Singles chart with those three songs. But there “Love Yourself” is No. 1, “Sorry” is No. 2 and “What do you mean?” is No. 3. As for Adele, even when she got dethroned from singles list her “25” album is still No. 1 on Billboard 200 Album chart, and Justin’s “Purpose” is right behind her.