Justin Bieber Made Troubles At Ancient Ruins In Mexico And Was Asked To Leave

Justin Bieber-MexicoPhoto by JBieberDay
Justin Bieber visited Tulum in Mexico, an archaeological site with pre-Hispanic pyramids, but he did not behave appropriately and he was asked to leave. Reportedly he pulled his underpants down (mooned the staff) and then tried to climb to one of off-limits ruins. In the site most of the pyramids are available for climbing on them but there are some ruins that are restricted because they are vulnerable or unstable, and those places are marked with ropes and “no entry” signs.

When Bieber came to the site, with his companions he was carrying opened cans of beer so they were asked to get rid of it before they enter the site.

After the incident with climbing, the staff asked them to leave the site which caused a row between them and Bieber’s security. Situation escalated when he reportedly striped his pants to make selfie and then shouted – abuse, when the staff of the site tried to stop him.

People from the park who were involved in the incident say that he was under the influence of alcohol.

The official state from Adriana Velazquez (responsible person for managing Mexico’s archeological sites) states that he was asked to leave for trying to climb the ruins. She also said that the singer is allowed to come back as long he behaves appropriately on his next visit.

For Justin this is not the first incident he had in Latin America, but quite the opposite it seems that every times he goes there he makes some trouble.


One time he tweeted that he met Mexican president and his family, but the president at the time denied that. The other time he faced two criminal complaints and refund demands in Argentina and he had some trouble with police in Brazil for spraying the graffiti. He left the show early in Argentina and did not show up on photo-op that fans paid a lot of money. Bieber was accused for telling his bodyguard to attack photographer in a night club in Buenos Aires. And a few other incidents…