Justin Bieber Is Doing Well At His Anger Management Course

Justin Bieber Busts Ear Drum While Cliff DivingPhoto by immaceleb

Back in February, Justin Bieber had an incident with his former neighbor after he had attacked his home with eggs. Now, Bieber will soon finish his anger management course and also his community service related to the incident, said his lawyer.

Six months after Bieber was accused for the attack with eggs at his neighbor’s property in Calabasas (California), he’s got the punishment in July, a few months ago, after he made a deal with his former neighbor and prosecutors. After this vandalism act, the singer was ordered to pay $80,000 to his victim, ex-neighbor, in restitution.

On Monday, Shawn Holley, his lawyer, has appeared in front of Superior Court in Los Angeles on his behalf in order to give the updates to the officials on Bieber’s progress, saying that Bieber has completed 4 out of his 12 anger counselling sessions and that he already gave the cheque to his former neighbor, as a part of earlier agreement. Justin Bieber is in the process of fulfilling all his requirements of community labor, also said his lawyer Shawn Holley to the court.

The singer will move furniture at the headquarters of the MusiCares Fondation in Los Angeles, which provides help and support for young artist who are struggling in their careers, and he will also paint the walls, because the officials are in fear of his pop superstardom which might cause trouble if he is required to complete some casual tasks, such as helping with graffiti removal, taking part in a beach clean-ups or picking up trash on the roadsides.

His next hearing is on 10 February and until then Justin Bieber is expected to meet the terms of his probation and this 20 year old singer will stay on probation until 2016, 16 more months. Music pop star has move out of his Calabasas mansion soon after he made that egging incident with his neighbor and after that he sold his luxury home back in March to Khloe Kardashian, the reality TV star.


Will Justin Bieber continue with bad behavior after he finishes this anger management course and his community service? It’s hard to tell. This is not his first time since he has already done similar things in past. Let us remind you that he drove recklessly through residential neighborhoods, peed into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen, spat on fans gathered outside his hotel and started a brawl at a club.