John Stamos Driving under the Influence and Getting Arrested

'Full House's John Stamos arrested for DUIPhoto by addiekellum
Stamos got himself arrested for driving under the influence on Friday night. Police of Beverly Hills stated that they got involved because they received many calls about person driving drunk around Beverly Hills, Santa Monica area.

Luckily he was alone in the car, and truth to be told he did cooperated with police giving them drivers license and telling them who he is. Police than decided that he should be taken to the hospital -Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where they took care of him.

In the hospital they determined for sure that he has been driving under the influence and they putted him under arrest. After that they released him under hospital care
They gave him a date for appearance in court – September 11.

The police confirmed arrest and DUI and gave statement about it to USA today

After all the fuss, he tweeted Saturday morning that everything is ok and that he is safe and sound. He wrote: “Thanks to everyone for their love & support. I’m home & well. Very appreciative of the BHPD & Cedars for their care.”


Stamos, who is an actor in his fifties, is star of Fox upcoming sitcom Grandfathered and he is also promoting and producing Fuller House, a spinoff of a Full House which will premiere next year on Netflix. It should be a Full House reunion, and he will continue to be Uncle Jesse on the new show, but a producer on the same time. The cast reunion members will include Bob Saget, Candance Bure, Jodie Seetin, Lori Lughilin and Dave Coulier. We don’t see that anyone mentions twin sisters in the show but time will tell.