Jennifer Lawrence Runs Into Bill Murray And Acts As A Real Fan

53,672,678Photo by quarterquell

Even celebrities sometimes act as true fans, especially Jennifer Lawrence. The fact that she is currently one of the most popular actresses in the show business at the moment did not stopped her from acting like true fan when she found herself face to face with legend Bill Murray.

She was there to talk about β€œThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2”, with her other costars. Getting on the stage she run into Bill Murray and freaked out like true fan, even took few photos. “I have been, like the rest of the world, a huge fan of Bill Murray for a really long time,” she told on a press conference.

She even shared how she used to send emails to Woody Harrelson telling him all the things she would say to Bill, and how Woody would passed her words to him so in a way she did speak to him indirectly. “Just the fact that Bill Murray knows I exist was part one. Part two, he wanted to speak to me, and then he like, mentioned something about us working together,” the actress added. “I’m excited about that. That was cool.”


This is not the first time she acted like goofy girl. Something really similar happened when Jack Nicholson interrupted her interview on Oscar awards. She acted like almost every normal person would – she was thrilled and stunned. And some of you may remember how she met Jeff Bridges. She interrupted his interview and started giggling like real fangirl, saying that she is sorry and really happy to meet him. You have to admit that she is one cute-super-popular actress.