Indecent Offer Made By Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Scream Queens Carpet 2015- Billboard 650Photo by billk9926

No wonder the fans are furious at this pop star. They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nick Jonas learned that this week when he wanted to do something nice for their fans.

Nick has announced that this year on his “Future Now Tour” on which he will join Demi Lovato, will carry a full set of ping pong table to enrich socializing with his fans.

This is what he wrote on his Twitter account: “This summer on #FutureNowTour, I’m bringing a ping pong table to every city and taking on whoever wants in. Game on:http://hostvipapp.com/events/DyIDxsfSDC …”

Crazy fun with Nick it is guaranteed, but the former member of the Jonas Brothers has forgot to write one really important little thing. VIP tickets for this ping-pong socializing cost $ 3,500!Yes you read it well, $3,500! Although to be fair, you can bring a friend with you, so you can split it and pay $1,750 each (woohooo!).

It is one of three VIP offers for socializing with Nick on the tour, which includes – pay attention – professional photography with this star in the original size and other in Polaroid size suitable for Instagram (generous, you can’t deny it), official poster of the tour signed by Nick and Demi, the best places in refreshment area, an adjustable hat and bag with gifts.


Oh yes, we forgot one little thing – the price of $ 3,500 does not include the ticket for the concert, which means that you will still need to pay extra to watch the show! No wonder the fans lashed Nick, claiming that this was really out of line. And we thought that Justin Bieber was arrogant when he determine the price of 2,000 dollars for the VIP meeting with his fans.