If You Want A Selfie With Justin Bieber You Will Have To Cash Out $2,000

Justin BieberPhoto by Jenna Green Thomas

If you have $2,000 extra and you don’t know how to spend them you can invest them in a selfie with Justin Bieber.

This is what is about – Justin Bieber is heading for a tour called Purpose and according to Altitude Tickets you will be able to buy three different VIP packages. Tour will start in March in Seattle and he will be holding shows in 57 other cities in the USA and Canada.

The first VIP package called “Where Are You Now” #Purpose Experience will cost $325, the second one called “I’ll Show You” #Purpose Experience will cost $925 and the third one Ultimate #Purpose Experience will cost “just” $2,000. Yes you have seen it well, “just” $2,000. And what do you get for it? If you pay the amount you will have the privilege to snap one selfie with Justin, you will get seat in special barricaded section, a backstage tour as well and package with premium merchandise.


US Weekly reported that almost all Ultimate experience VIP package has already been sold out and only few remains to buy. The less expensive package includes only group photo, which means that alone-selfie with Justin costs $1075. The cheapest experience will get you no photos at all. So like we said, if you have $2000 that you don’t know how to spend this is one of the options. But let us get real, who today has that kind of money and not know what to do with it. And for the Justin, many will say he is too expensive and you don’t get almost nothing for it, but he sold them all.