Ice T’s Lady Coco Is pregnant

Ice T and CocoPhoto by Mic to Mic

Coco is pregnant for the first time even though two of them are married for decade and a half. Ice T however has children and even grandsons already. The announcement came together with another happy event.

Two of them are getting to host another show “Ice & Coco” so all other details will be talked about in the upcoming episode – what is the sex of the baby, what names do they have in mind, when is the big date, and all other juice details.

Coco who is dancer, reality star and TV show host wanted a baby for a long time. Couple years ago doctor told this luscious blond that she can’t take pregnancy for her high blood pressure. But Coco is definitely not a type who surrenders. And she proved once again to everybody that she gets what she wants.

She beaked the news on her twitter account: “I’m pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talkshow @iceandcocotalk which airs Aug 3rd.” And Ice T added on his: “Oh shit! The news is out. YES. We”re having a baby. We announced it on the Ice&Coco Talk Show taping Friday.. That show will air August 3rd “.


Couple hosted a TV show for a three seasons “Ice loves Coco” so their marriage was truly open to the public. Show got canceled back in 2013 so that they can prepare for a new thing, and finally in 2015 they announced that they are having new daytime talk show on FOX. And coco also wanted for everybody to know that just because she is pregnant she is not going to stop being sexy: “I’ve branded myself to be sexy, but also be a wife at the same time,” she says. “I cook, I clean, I’ll be washing the car…..in heels. Everything is Cocofied!”