How Justin Theroux Almost Died On His Honeymoon While Scuba-Diving

Justin Theroux And Jennifer Aniston Happy TogetherPhoto by indiashor
He shared this story while appearing on Live with Kelly and Michael this Friday. The whole thing happened on his honeymoon with Jennifer Aniston on Bora Bora.

While on vacation Justin took some course on diving 10-feet to look around for pretty fishes and corals. After that he thought it would be great idea to do that again with some friends next day. When they went they took an instructor that wasn’t very fluent in English.

Theroux tried to explain to his instructor that he did it only once before but he realized that communication was not good, that they could not speak to each other.  When they went for a dive, they went much deeper than Justin did on his training and got scared when he saw that his oxygen tank is running low.

The actor tried to explain the situation to his instructor with hand motions, the instructor told him to continue diving. Realizing that instructor did not get the message he swam to him and showed him indicator, after which instructor attached him to his emergency respirator.

He could not understand why the instructor did that when they could just swim up. While changing respirators again the water got in Justin’s throat and he started do cough underwater.

At that moment of panic he said he remembers thinking “Oh my god this is like some plot to kill me on my honeymoon.”

Instructor managed to calm him and gather the whole group so they began to slowly swim back to the surface.


Luckily everything ended well, but he is surely not planning to scuba-dive again anytime soon, and we are happy that Jennifer Aniston did not lose her husband on their honeymoon.