He Lost a Battle With Cancer: David Bowie Passed At Age 69

David Bowie'den Yeni Alb├╝m : BlackstarPhoto by sosyokultur

The legendary singer David Bowie died on January 10 after a battle with cancer, his spokesman confirmed. According to him he died quietly, surrounded by family after a battle with cancer that lasted 18 months.

David Bowie, born as David Robert Jones in London on January 8, 1947, was a British rock musician, composer, actor, producer and arranger. He was active for five decades and was always changing the musical style rebelling against mainstream.

Bowie appeared on film as a successful actor, director and visual artist. David Bowie was one of the most influential musicians of his time, who over and over again redefined himself and the sound beginning with hippie album ‘Space Oddity’ from the late sixties through Ziggy Stardust and thin white duke, to a later incarnation of emotional rockers. While the musicians and the group evolved into the current musical styles and looks, or stayed the same, Bowie looked like he was in the whirlwind of permanent revolution.

He defied each label. Music, fashion, sex: all these were Bowie’s toys. He was a true artistic chameleon.Bowie has studied Buddhism and pantomime, and his first album ‘World of David Bowie’ was published in 1967. But the other one – ‘Space Oddity’ has aroused a lasting and passionate public interest for young musician. In 1971, Bowie released another album, ‘Hunky Dory’, which many consider to be his best. A year later, Bowie publishes an excellent concept album ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’.

1973 Bowie’s ‘killed’ Ziggy and invented ‘Thin White Duke’ s which has cemented his reputation in America.1983 again comes a new Bowie with the album ‘Let’s Dance’. In the second part of the nineties he published three less notable albums, and the big return came with ‘Heathen’, which brought him the top spot on the charts after almost 20 years. After the ‘Reality’ album in 2003 a long pause for almost a decade happened. He surprised his fans with the 2013 album ‘The Next Day’.

The last album, the acclaimed ‘Blackstar’, was released on 8 January, on his 69th birthday, three days before his death. The album has seven tracks. Home takes ten minutes and talk about death and religion. Similar is the song of Lazarus, which Bowie wrote for the musical of the same name by Ivo van Hove, and which announced a new album last month.


R.I.P. Legend!