He Is Going To Tell You What Is Like To Be Married To Jennifer Aniston And About Season 2 Leftovers – Justin Theroux

Jennifer AnistonPhoto by My*Obsession

We know him from HBO series – The Leftovers, and now he has even more awesome role – he is Jennifer Aniston’s husband. They got married in a super-secret ceremony at their house in Los Angeles.

That was on August 5 and afterward they left for they honey moon to Bora Bora. He admits that “it does feel different” but he meant it in a good way. “I’m very happy,” Theroux said for People Magazine “It’s nice to be able to look down and see a new piece of jewelry on my finger.”

Season 2 of the show is moving from New York to eastern Texas where the story unravels further: “It’s a town that’s literally bordered by a fence. For my character and his insta-family, it’s a fresh start. But it boxes them in – in a weird and wonderful way.” He spoke about his co-stars as well – Amy Brenneman, Liv Tyler and Regina King: “It’s like a family. You have to keep it light. When the work has to be done, the work has to be done, but if you don’t keep it a little light at times, everyone’s going to be miserable,” actor added, laughing.


“It’s not a space you want to live in when a camera isn’t rolling.” Being asked about his role of Police chief in world after apocalypse he replied: “It’s a tough character. Every time you get a new script, it’s like, ‘Oh boy, it’s going to go here.’ The walls to his struggles are high, but I enjoy it.” If you are hooked on the show Season 2 will start October 4 on HBO.