Gwyneth Paltrow Told Everything To Howard Stern

03092011-DSC_0697_Gwyneth PaltrowPhoto by brixton21

Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted that she has been avoiding an interview with Howard Stern for years. But now Paltrow is promoting her new movie “Mortdecai,” and the Goop purveyor has finally decided to sit down with Howard Stern for and interview with no holds barred.

On Wednesday at SiriumXM radio show, Gwyneth Paltrow has opened herself up on several topics, including her exes Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, strippers, and even oral sex.
The Oscar winner didn’t hold back anything, and she even broke long silence and talked about the new love of her ex Chris Martin – Jennifer Lawrence.

The famous actress also explained just what really conscious uncoupling is and she even admitted that she hasn’t coined the phrase herself. Philosopher Dr. Habib Sadeghi and his wife Dr. Shahrzad actually come up with the phrase, and it actually means to split up with minimal acrimony.

Now, after that has been cleared up, let’s look at some other juicy aspects of the Gwyneth’s interview Stern. Howard Stern asked Paltrow if she and Ben Affleck, her ex boyfriend, were on bitter terms. Remember that the “Iron Man” star once said that Ben “would be better off dating a Scores stripper.”

Gwyneth said that back when they were together it was true, but now he has settled down and he has a very good wife. Gwyneth Paltrow also said that in her 20s she was very bad at picking boyfriends, and that at the time Ben Affleck wasn’t in a good phase of his life to have a girlfriend.

After Ben Affleck, Stern brought up a long and serious relationship of Paltrow and Brad Pitt. Stern asked her if she and Pitt had ever recorded a sex tape. “Do you know what’s so sad? Our relationship was before the days of videos on your phones so we had nothing!” – Paltrow answered.

She also said that Brad Pitt was too good for her and Paltrow also admitted that after they broke up, she was devastated and her father, too, who loved Brad Pitt like a son.
Paltrow also talked about bizarre child naming skills of her ex husband Chris Martin. When the daughter of the couple was born, they famously got a lot of attention for naming her Apple.

Apparently, that was the idea of her ex. She also said that Apple loves her name. And for the very end, Howard Stern brought up the relationship advice which Gwyneth gave to comedian Chelsea Handler. Stern applauded Paltrow for telling her sex-obsessed friend that she would have less fights in the relationship if where was more oral sex.

“You don’t have to always fight. Be a girl. Show him that he’s a man, and it’s a good thing energetically to do.” – Paltrow said. Howard Stern also mentioned that a lot of men are insecure when it comes to dating successful, powerful and famous women. “It depends on how many blow jobs you give them.” Paltrow told him.