Get Ready For A New Movie Director – Jennifer Lawrence Is Becoming One

Jennifer Lawrence Targets Morten Tyldum's Sci-Fier PASSENGERSPhoto by screenrelish

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is going to be directing a movie. If she manages to be good at it like she is in acting or being awesome we could get one new quality director.

She had an interview with Entertainment Weekly and she told them that she always wanted to try directing but never had a chance to do it. Now she got the opportunity to work on a new movie called “Project Delirium”.

She already signed the contract. This is what she said for EW: “It’s based on this article about mental warfare in the ’60s, like an acid experiment gone terribly wrong. It’s funny, I’ve wanted to direct since I was 16 and always thought I should start making steps towards that. If I had tried to do it earlier, I wouldn’t have been ready. Now I actually feel ready.”

The movie is based on article Operation Delirium which has described secret study on the effect of nerve gas and LSD. This experiment was done by military doctors on American soldiers during the Cold War. It is important to mention that this project should not be mixed with other Project Delirium which was FBI operation that ended with 2,000 arrests involving drug trafficking.


This project came in the right time, when everybody, especially Jennifer, were talking about gender inequalities in business. Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film did a research that showed only 13 % of directors on the top 700 films in last year were women, and only 7% in the top 250 movies. Lawrence herself is a big fighter for women right in Hollywood. She managed to get same pay like her male co-workers on the most of the projects she worked on, and now she made another step.