Famous Ladies Who Are Happy With Small Breasts

Kate MossPhoto by Puquiland
Many celebrities are under pressure to implant silicones in the breasts, and some of them wished to do that. On the other side there are those celebrities who never wanted to implant silicones. The special characters are the ones that have very small breasts, and did not to implant silicones at no price. They are satisfied with their breasts.

1. Kate Moss

Kate Moss says she has nothing against breast implants, but she did not like how it turned out in the majority of those who did a breast plastic surgery. As teenager, she hated her small breasts, but today it doesn’t bother her.
– I hated my breasts more than anything when I was a teenager. I could do everything, but not to take off my shirt. In particular, I was annoyed with my birthmark on my breasts – she said once.


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