Fame Did Not Destroy Them: The Longest Marriages In The Celebs World

Samuel L. Jackson, Bono , Keith Richards, Tom Hanks and John Travolta are just a few of the famous who managed to, surrounded by floodlights and public attention, nonetheless preserve decades-long marriages
While Hollywood and the world of celebrities are known as the largest danger when it comes to marriage, there are couples who resist the trend of shortcut weddings and even quicker divorces.

1. Samuel L. Jackson and La Tanya Richardson – 34 years

La Tanya Richardson is the actor’s love since college days. In January 1980 Samuel L. Jackson married La Tanya and 34 years later they are still happy. The actor said they are overjoyed together because his wife has a wonderful sense of humor, loves life and people that surround her.

2. Bono Vox and Ali Hewson – 31 years

They met in Ireland when he was 16 and she 15. The song “Sweetest Thing” was inspired by their love. Bono and Ali married on August 21. in 1982 and after 31 years they are still happily married.


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