Extremely Freckled Beauties

Julianne Moore as "Clarice Starling" in the movie "HANNIBAL"Photo by Beast 1
Many women do not like the fact that small freckles on their faces are being visible, and they often cover them up with makeup. Also, when it comes to celebrities, many of them insist on removing freckles in Photoshop when posing for a magazines. However, these famous ladies are very freckled but have no problem with that, moreover, they love their freckles and love to point them out. See what are the most beautiful faces with freckles in show business.

1. Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore accepted her freckles when she was still a child when others have called her “freckled strawberries”. This natural redhead has freckles on her arms, legs and face. From her nickname from childhood, Julien made ​​a series of books.
– Often magazines do not want me to have freckles, so they we remove them using Photoshop. Honestly, I totally do not care – said Julien.


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