Drugs Are To Blame For Chris Brown’s Bad Behavior

Chris BrownPhoto by ellenrobertsx

Chris Brown said that his drug use was responsible for his bad behavior in past several years. Music R&B star was blaming cough syrup concoction which is potentially fatal in large doses.

This musician had a lot of troubles with law in few recent years. While he was doing a probation for his assault in 2009 on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown had a fight outside a hotel in Washington D.C. Back then he was receiving anger management treatments after he got himself kicked out of a court-ordered rehabilitation facility and because of that he spent some time in jail, earlier this year.

The “Kiss Kiss” hitmaker admitted that he used codeine-based cough syrup mixed with soda, also known as „hood cocktail“ and because of anxiety medication Xanax he barley managed to stay in control on many occasions. At that time Brown was struggling to keep on top of his professional carrier.

In an interview for one New York radio show he described a situation when he took syrup – the Xanax. Chris said that he was cussing out people randomly while he was falling asleep on video sets. He did some crazy things. Sometimes he would ask someone about the time of video shooting and they would tell him that they finished shooting yesterday. Brown also added that he was really lost…

Famous musician’ssaying that it took him a little time to see that he needs to stop using the syrup. He added that he doesn’t want to be zombie when he is about to meet someone new, and that he also doesn’t want do punch people or do something stupid just because he is under the influence of some drug.

Brown also admitted that the drug played a big role in his fight with his rival Drake. At that time Chris was convinced that Rihanna was dating Drake in 2010 just to defy him.
„I don’t know if she will get upset when I say that I think she dated Drake just to get her revenge. It might be understandable, but for me, it is a game. Back at that time we were younger and those are the thing which you do at that age.“ – Brown explained.


In 2012, Brown and Drake had the worst fight in their conflict. During a night out, in some New York’s club, the two stars clashed violently. Today, Brown admits that he is on good terms with Drake and that all what happened was in „the era of Chris Brown the Thug“.