Dior Fragrance Has A New Face – One And Only Johnny Depp

JOHNNY DEPPPhoto by gataloka2009

Now, they truly know how to choose. Johnny Depp is a new face of Dior man fragrance, and he has joined the long list of famous people who already done that – Natalie Portman, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jude Law are just some of the people who already sign for Dior.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Brad Pits commercial for women fragrance.And if you want to smell like Johnny you will have to wait until September, but it is worth of waiting. This is his first time modeling for them and we know that modeling is something he does really well.

He did modeling for H&M and Montblanc in the past. It is his first campaign for any fragrance actually, or any other beauty product and this is first Dior fragrance for men. Nice combination. The scent is composed by Francois Demarchy.Johnny Depp looks like sexy hunk in a photo for a new fragrance that is announcing this campaign. Few earrings, some other jewelry, smashing hairstyle and they got a winning combination.


They did not announce the name of the scent so we will have to wait for that also until September. Maybe you will never get close enough to smell Johnny, but since December you will be able to imagine because you will know how one of the hottest man alive smells. Ah, close enough.