DiCaprio Is Suing French Tabloid Magazine Oops!

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Don’t mess with DiCaprio. The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio is suing the French magazine Oops! for made up story about him and Rihanna having a baby.

Oops! made cover story on May 28. about Rihanna and Leonardo, in which Rihanna is pregnant and Leonardo doesn’t care and doesn’t want to have anything with a baby.

Apparently DiCaprio saw that story accidentally when he was in France on Cannes festival. And it pissed him off enough to sue them.France has really strict laws about interfering in people’s personal life and taking and posting pictures captured in the street. DiCaprio and his lawyers are demanding the highest penalty possible for that kind of felony, which is somewhere around $20 000. They are also demanding retraction to be printed on the next cover.

The owner of the magazine did not expected that the actor will sue the magazine. According to some sources they knew that story is not true but they published it anyways. They read speculations about two of them being together and thought to spice up the story a bit. But make up entire story is just little too much. Guess people nowadays would do anything for publicity (and you know what they say – there is no bad publicity).


June 16. Is the first date when they will meet at court of law, and we will see how things will go from there. Rumors about Leonardo and Rihanna began sometimes in February when they started to show up together at parties. Leonardo made it clear in March that it is not true, but speculations continued. However nobody went as far as French tabloid. And now they will hopefully get what they deserve.