Dennis Rodman helped in releasing process of Kenneth Bae and he’s got the proof


Former NBA basketball player, Dennis Rodman, said to the media that he had a significant role in bringing back Kenneth Bae in the United States, American citizen who was imprisoned in North Korea.

Rodman had to beg Kim Jong Un, the leader of this communist country, for the release of this guy. He also said that he’s got the proof for his claims.

Rodman told to the media that back in January he sent the letter to the Jong Un, after he returned home in the States from the DPRK. He discussed with the dictator about Bae’s return to USA in order to let the Worm go back to North Korea without being bashed.

„I understand the crimes Kenneth Bae has committed, and I’m asking you my dear friend, the highly respected Marshall Kim Jong Un, for the release of that man to show my country how loving and compassionate you and the DPRK can be.“ – Dennis Rodman stated in the letter.

„I am asking for your mercy to the prisoner and I would be eternally grateful for his safe return in the United States, and hopefully this can be a big step forward towards bridging the gap between our two nations.“ – Rodman added.

Out of the blue, the North Korean’s government has contacted U.S. officials saying that they had discussed for the release of Kenneth Bae and that he is currently on his way towards the United States. Bae has been held there in prison for 2 years and 7 months. – Source claims.

Former NBA basketball star also said that he has never heard back from the dictator after he has sent the letter. But, the North Korean government showed that Kenneth Bae was alive and well only few day after. Rodman thinks that it can’t be a coincidence.

„There is no place for the doubt that our trips influenced in Kim Jong Un’s decision and helped in Kenneth Bae’s release. I’m very happy that he is finally coming back home safely. Rodman’s first trip to North Korea was back in February 2013. and since then he went back and visited Kim Jong Un six more times.


He has been marked as a traitor of America after he said that Kim Jung Un is his „friend for life“. Rodman was invited with three other players for an exhibition basketball game before he accepted to go at this the most inaccessible country in the world.