Daily Mail Getting Sued Again, This Time By Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Amps Security As ' Jupiter Ascending' Star's Stalker Escapes Mental FacilityPhoto by imkpop_en

Paparazzi should know when to stop, but they rarely do. Even though someone is celebrity they should have right to personal family life without reporters follow them everywhere and taking pictures of every moment of their life.

One of those people are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They don’t forgive publishing photos of their girl Wyatt unless they gave strict permission. The word is that they are suing Mail Online for publishing two photos of their baby girl.

The magazine published photos in two separate articles about Kutcher family. Mail Online is Daily Mail’s entertainment site, so basically they are suing Daily Mail. The documents from the court are stating that they are suing Daily Mail and their publisher – Associated Newspapers for “wrongful publication of paparazzi photographs of family outings” and with that they are breaking Data Protection Act.

Paul Tweed who is couple’s lawyer gave statement, saying: “Ashton and Mila understandably value their private and family life, and in particular their personal time with their daughter. Like any other family they should be allowed to enjoy family outings without being pursued by photographers. They have made it clear that they do not agree to the publication of photographs of such occasions.”


Daily Mail get sued pretty often looking in retrospective. George Clooney sued them for writing about Amal’s mother. Angelina Jolie did it also for sharing a video where they claimed that actress is under drug influence and JK Rowling for misinterpreting her story. So the profit made of that kind of stories must be higher than penalties they pay after the lawsuits. Guess that moral and ethics are not important to them not even a bit.