Coldplay’s new album will feature Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Annabelle Wallis

ColdplayPhoto by peterwafzig
Next Coldplay’s album will bring many surprises. We will hear many interesting people featuring on this thing.

First of all queen Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, then actress that sings even though many did not know that, Gwyneth Paltrow. The biggest surprise is surely Gwyneth since her and Chris Martin uncoupled last year. And if you add that the third one is Chris Martins current girlfriend Annabelle Wallis you will understand our surprise. His kids will sing some parts as well. What a mix!
Beyoncé will enrich Coldplay’s song “Hymn for the Weekend” while Gwyneth will sing with Chris their “Everglow” song. For the moment we don’t know which song Annabelle will sing on the album.
“Everyone who got asked to sing on our album has an important part in our lives. This is The Wall Street Journal, so I don’t want to get too hippie, but what I’m trying to learn in my life is the value of every human,” said Chris Martin when he gave the interview for The Wall Street Journal.

“The “choir” started with my two kids coming in after school and recording. We recorded Blue Ivy Carter in New York when her momBeyoncé was in the studio,” he added in the same interview.

If Gwyneth’s singing comes at you as a surprise, you should know that this is not her first time. She sang a very popular song with Huey Lewis for “Cruisin’” remake. And once again her acting job required her to sing in the movie “Country Strong” where she portrayed fading country star.


Like we said at the beginning it will be very interesting thing to listen Coldplay’s next album. Really looking forward to it.