Chumlee From “Pawn Stars” Arrested For Drug And Weapon Possession, Is Now Released From Jail

Chumlee from Pawn StarsPhoto by Corrie Brookhouse (ADORNMENT PHOTOGRAPHY)

Austin Russell, known to the world as Chumlee from History show “Pawn Stars” was arrested on Wednesday. His house was searched during the investigation about sexual assault, so the guns and drugs were not the thing that authorities looked for but still found in his Las Vegas residence.

The alleged assault brought no charges, but that investigation is still active. However, authorities found some guns, marijuana and methamphetamine in his house during the search. His costar, Rick Harrison, who is the owner of the pawn shop from the show said that that they are not familiar with details but that they will do whatever they can to help him.

After the arrest he was taken to the Clark County Detention Center where he was charged for possession of a gun and 19 drug-related charges. After his bail was set to $62,000 he paid it and was released. His lawyer said that he will fight all charges that he is facing at the moment but also that he is defying all allegations about sexual assault that are filed against him.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department gave statement to People magazine trough their PIO Larry Hadfield saying: “During the course of the search warrant service, several illegal items including methamphetamine, marijuana and firearms were located. At this time Russell has not been charged with Sexual Assault and the investigation is ongoing.”


May 23 is the date when Chumlee is scheduled to appear in court of law. Chumlee was one of the favorite characters in the show that started to air in 2009. He was the part of the show since the beginning throughout entire 12 seasons.