Charlize Theron Adopted Another Child And Now She Is A Mother Of Two

Charlize Theron Actress OuchPress (23)Photo by potraitCurator

Famous Hollywood actress enriched her family with another child. It is an African-American baby girl with a beautiful name – August. The reports say that Charlize worked with adoption agency for six months but the public was not aware of that.

Theron already have son named Jackson who is also adopted back in 2012. Jackson is from South Africa. Actress said for W magazine that decision to become mother did really good for her: “I do know that choosing to be a mom in my late 30s has been really great for me,” Charlize said. “It’s given me perspective.”

The whole process lasted for six months and she and Sean Penn are separated for little more than one month, so it is safe to say that they planned this adoption together. Two of them were friends for a very long time before they got romantically involved in December 2013. They were engaged but the relationship did not last. The actor allegedly also had plans to adopt Jackson as well. The Mad Max star just came back from South Africa where she was shooting The Last Face, a movie that has been directed by her ex Sean Penn.


Sources close to the set are saying that it was really awkward for the ex-couple to work together after brake up that happened so shortly ago. Even though Charlize could be biological mother her desire to adopt is stronger. Back in 2012 when she was adopting her first child she talked about this. She said that even when she was a girl she knew she wanted to adopt child: “…adopting was not a last resort for me — it was almost like a first resort.” We wish all the best for a proud mommy and her new member of family.