Celebrities Who Are Against Anorexia: They Have Publicly Opposed The Propagation Of Bony Look

adelePhoto by Flickr

We all have our little insecurities, but media pressures on the ideals of beauty that very few women can achieve, because of that fact there are so much eating disorders, especially among young girls. However, some famous ladies have strongly opposed the negative impact of the media and the publicly have spoken about attitude they have towards the propagation of anorexic model type and proportions.

1.) Adele

Perhaps one of the greatest vocalists of our time, Adele, is constantly targeted by the media because of her weight. However, she has repeatedly said she does not care about these comments and that everyone should feel good about themselves.
– I saw uncertainty destroy people’s lives, especially those who are constantly struggling to be thinner. I do not want it in my life. Yes, I am uncertain about my look, but I do not want to spend time with people who will keep at remind me that and keep on just pointing out my flaws – said honestly Adele.


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