British Royal Couple Met Beyoncé And Jay Z

Photo by the Waxbitch®

British royal couple, Prince William and Princess Kate, had their full first day in New York City. Yesterday night, they showed up at the Barclays Center to watch the Brooklyn Nets take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The real event wasn’t the game, but rather the meeting of America’s royal couple of music, Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé and the Duke and Duchess.

If that might not be enough for someone, the undisputed star player of this game was none other than LeBron James from Cavaliers, a.k.a. “King James.” During the third quarter, the Prince and Princess sat on opposite seats to the music superstars. Dikembe Mutombo, the new ambassador of United for Wildlife charity, was sitting next to the William.

Beyoncé led the way after the third quarter ended, from one side of the court to the other to greet the British royals, William and Kate. After they chatted all together for a few minutes, music super stars went back to their seats. “Jay Z wished Will and Kate ‘Merry Christmas’ when he was talking to them.” – One of the eyewitnesses said to the media.

The serious cause was behind the fun evening event – The National Basketball Association is new partner with William’s United for Wildlife charity, and they will help fighting illegal wildlife trafficking. That kind of association is perfect, because prince William is a fan of the sport.

The prince concluded his remarks on Monday morning by saying: “I’m off to shoot some hoops now or whatever it is you do,” at a reception for the Tusk Trust. New York society publicist, R. Couri Hay, who knows members of the British royal family, said that William is actually a bit of a pickup player himself.

“Will has told friends he is excited about going to the game because he and Harry love playing basketball.” – R. Couri Hay stated. During a pre-game photo call with former player Mutombo and top NBA executives, prince William held a ball and said a joke: “This is where I should be spinning it on my finger.”


Dressed in a gray coat, which was designed by American designer Tory Burch, and black jeans, Kate brought William back to earth by saying to him: “You are going to pretend you can actually score.” The spirit during the pre-game gathering was really lighthearted. While Mutombo stood next to him, William, who is 6’3″, said: “At last I’m standing next to someone who is taller than me.”