Bobbi Kristina Brown Autopsy Revealed – Cause Of Death Undetermined

Bobbi Kristina Brown DeathPhoto by Image Laughter

Bobbi Kristina Brown died from combination of immersion in water and drug intoxication but “the circumstances under which Ms. Brown entered the bathtub are unknown. Whether her death was due to intentional or accidental causes are unknown,” said the medical examiner.

According to Fulton County Medical examiner’s office her body had signs of injuries like bruises, depressions in her skull, plus scars on the head, neck, torso and extremities that were healed. She weighted only 95 pounds at time of death which means she was under-nourished. The combination of drugs in her body were marijuana, alcohol, cocaine-related substance, sedative and anti-anxiety medications along with morphine.

Atlanta television station requested that the report be made public after which judge ordered to unseal autopsy report. Prosecutor was against this because it could compromise investigation related to her death. Her father gave statement to People magazine on Friday, saying: “First and foremost, 23 years ago today, Bobbi Kristina was born. Krissy will always live in my heart and soul. I love my baby girl. For news affiliates to seek and obtain my daughter’s autopsy report, before anyone has been brought to justice for her death is mind blowing to me. Please pray for my family.”


Nick Gordon was Kristina’s boyfriend at the time and Brown’s family is fighting a legal battle with him. They claim that Kristina died due to violent altercation with Gordon and that he injected her with deadly mixture. Gordon’s lawyers denied all the accusations and stated that their client was “dehumanized by the fictitious allegations”. Gordon was raised as Kristina’s brother although he was never officially adopted by the Whitney Huston. Kristina was only child of Whitney and one of six children that Bobby Brown had with different women.