Biography Of Woody Harrelson

Woody HarrelsonPhoto by Erik R. Bishoff

Woody Harrelson (Woodrow Tracy Harrelson) was born on July 23, 1961 in Midland, Texas, USA.

Woody is an actor most known for his role on a popular Tv show ‘Cheers’, playing a role of the sweet, dim-witted bartender, and also his breakthrough work on ‘True Detective’.

Now Woody wonderfully surpasses the actors of his ilk to shine brightly as one of the lauded leading men Hollywood ever has.

Early life

Woody was born in Midland, Texas, to parents Charles and Diane Harrelson as the second of three children in his family. When he was seven years old his father went to prison for a murder conviction. He left leaving his mother to raise himself and his two brothers in Lebanon, Ohio. Though as a child he initially was hyperactive, dyslexic and also psychologically disturbed, but he managed to successfully keep a scholarship to study theater arts and English at Indiana’s Hanover College. When he earned a bachelor’s degree in college, he moved to New York City to pursue acting career.


His first Tv debut was in Neil Simon play ‘Biloxi Blues’ and as an extra in various television shows and movies. Soon comes his big break in popular sitcom ‘Cheers’ which was an instant hit and he was appearing there for eight seasons. In 1997, he came to his career highlight when he won three Oscars and Golden Globes nominations in leading actor category for his enactment in “The People vs. Larry Flint”. There his co-stars were Courtney Love alongside Edward Norton.

Woody instead chose to make a return to theater by the beginning of the third millennium, appearing on stage in Sam Shepard’s ‘The Late Henry Moss’ with Nick Nolte and Sean Penn. Later he played in a few serious film roles, including the political satire Wag the Dog (1997), the war movie Welcome to Sarajevo (1997), and the award-winning war film The Thin Red Line (1998). His performance in ‘Cheers’ earned him five Emmy nominations and a win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

The most known Woody’s movies are: Welcome to Sarajevo, The Sunchaser, Kingpin, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Money Train, I’ll Do Anything, The Cowboy Way, Natural Born Killers, Cheers: Last Call!, After the Sunset, Anger Management, Scorched, American Saint, Will & Grace, A Scanner Darkly and The Big White.

Personal life


Harrelson was briefly married to the daughter of playwright Neil Simon, Nancy Simon. Later years he dated actresses Moon Unit Zappa, Glenn Close and Ally Sheedy. He finally gave his heart to his former assistant Laura Louie. The couple is happily married and have 2 kids together. Besides acting he is very active in healtier environment campaings. His activism includes campain ‘American Oceans’ and preserving the ‘California redwoods’.