Biography of Stephanie Sigman

Spectre 007 10Photo by canburak
Stephanie Sigman, an actress from Mexico that was not very popular, until she was picked to play Bond’s girl. She started as a model but decided she wants to try out as an actress and for now she is on a good way. Fans of Netflix’s show Narcos will remember Stephanie as Valeria VĂ©lez, a newspaper reporter that had a close connection with Pablo Escobar.

Stephaine comes from Ciudad Obregon, Sonora in Mexico. Her father was an American citizen that fell in love with the Mexican girl. Lee Sigman, the dad, worked at the time as New York Yankees scout and was traveling through Mexico when he met Stephanie’s mother who did not speak a word of English. However, love happened and they had a child. The mother did not want to go to States, so Stephanie was raised in Mexico.

Her first roles were on Mexican television and the first movie she made was Rio de Oro. In 2011 Stephanie gets her big chance, playing the leading role in Miss Bala, very acclaimed Mexican film. The movie even got selected to be Mexican entry of Oscar Award. However, it never made it to the final shortlist. However, Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Award nominated her in 2011 for that same part. 2012 brought her role in the documentary film made in Canada, called Flight of the butterflies. Year after she co-starred in Pioneer, a Norwegian thriller.

In the same year, she acted in the pilot show called The Arrangement but the pilot was never ordered to series. This was a particularly good year for her because she got another role in FX show called The Bridge and year after she starred in the music video “Snap out of it” by Arctic Monkeys.

In 2015 she landed a role in very popular Netflix crime show, Narcos, where she played Valeria Velez. Her character was based on real journalist Virginia Vallejo who was romantically involved with Pablo Escobar, one of the biggest drug trafficker in the world.

Then Stephanie got the offer that was her dreams coming true. She was asked to be latest Bond girl in James Bond movie – Spectre along with Monica Bellucci. Besides getting the honor of being Bond’s girl, she will also be first Mexican actress to do so. (Linda Christian was Mexican who played a role in TV adaptation of Casino Royale in 1954.)

After this breakthrough, offers for leading roles just kept coming. In the same year, she starred in Going Under and War on Everyone.


In 2016 John Ridley noticed her and offered her a role of Monica Ava in the second season of American Crime and a role of Presence Foster in his pilot for ABC called Presence.
It seems that big things are still to come for this charismatic Latino beauty.