Biography Of Rashida Jones

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Rashida (Leah) Jones was born on February 25, 1976 in Los Angeles. She is an actress who has had many roles and acting successfully in any movie genres. Except that she plays in movies she is also a screenwriter.

She the daughter of legendary music producer Quincy Jones. Her most known role is playing a character Karon in the “The Office”. Right after that she came from the shadow of her famous parent and she became also a celebrity not just by being a celebrity child but with her talent.

Early life

Her mother Peggy Lipton is an actress too and her father is the media mogul Quincy Jones. She was raised along with her sister in Bel Air. When she was 10 years old, her parents marriage broke, and after she stayed with her mother. She was the attending Hebrew school “Buckley”. She was artistically and academically inclined from the start. She later moved on to study at Harvard University where she initially wanted to take up law but, she looses interest for the law and fell in love with the theatre.


Her first movie debut was in “The Last Don”. It is CBS’s movie adapted from the book of the same name. In 1997, the star appeared in TV mini-series, “The Last Don”, and has since been in other TV shows including “Freaks and Geeks” in 2000 and (2006-2011) “The Office” .She was on the show during the third season and then returned as a guest star for two episodes. Rashida has also starred in films such as “Little Black Book” (2004), “I Love You, Man” (2009) and “Celeste and Jesse” forever. She co-screen wrote the latter production.

Her filmography: Celeste and Jesse Forever(2012), The Muppets(2011), The Big Year(2011), Friends with Benefits(2011), Our Idiot Brother(2011), The Social Network(2010), Monogamy(2010), Cop Out(2010), I Love You, Man(2009), Brief Interviews With Hideous Men(2009), Prop 8: The Musical (2008), The Ten (2007), Little Black Book(2004), Death of a Dynasty (2003), Full Frontal(2002), Now You Know (2002), Roadside Assistance (2001), East of A (2000) and Myth America (1998).

She had also been writing, and her work was out in a Teen Vogue. She was also co-writing her father’s biography.

Personal life


Rashida has been romantically linked in the past to names such as Josh Hartnett and John Krasinski. She was romantically linked to celebrity Mark Ronson on 25th February 2003. The couple was even engaged but they decided to end their relationship. It also happened like this with Tobey Maguire. They were dating and after the couple of years they got engaged but their relationship didn’t last. She is very sensitive about poor and ill people so she was many times included in various humanitarian work, organizing concerts, even recording songs and supportive videos.