Biography Of Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman (born on June 20, 1967.) in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a famous actress and has a talent that is a true gem. She is very unique and different , a real professional.

She can take on many roles in various film genres: thrillers, drama, historical epics, comedy.. Her performance is just stunning. And her unique beauty led her to the same top of the best in the world.

Early life

Nicole is the daughter of a biochemist/lecturer and a nurse/educator. Arther four years in Hawaii, Nicole and her family moved to Sydney, Australia where she spent most of her childhood. Her childhood was profoundly marked by the social activism of her parents. A youthful obsession with ballet firmly rooted her interest in the performing arts.

At 17, after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kidman has quit out school and put aside her acting career and devoted to family. Her mother eventually recovered so she could work on acting lessons and art.


She had made a striking television debut in the Australian film Bush Christmas, which had a great success. Next she decided on the action movie Days of Thunder out of a desire to work with Tom Cruise. Next year she was the lead role opposite Dustin Hoffman and Bruce Willis in Billy Bathgate.

The movie critics were divided, but Kidman took another step forward and preformed with Cruise for Ron Howard’s movie Far and Away. The movie had a small box office and didn’t achieve much success but that is gonna change with next movies My Life and Malice.That films had a very good critics and the box office was huge.

Other Nicole’s best known movies are: Grace of Monaco (2014), Room 237(2013), The Paperboy(2012), Tresspass(2011), Rabbit Hole(2014), Nine(2009), Australia(2008), The Invasion(2007), Happy Feet (2006), Fur (2006), Bewitched(2005), The Interpreter(2005) ,The Stepford Wives(2004), Dogville(2004), Moulin Rouge(2001), The Hours(2002), The Others(2001), Practical Magic(1998), The Peacemaker (1997), The Portrait of a Lady (1996), To Die for (1995), Batman Forever(1995), Malice (1993), Far and Away (1992), Flirting (1991), Dead Calm (1989), Emerald City(1988), Watch the Shadows Dance (1986), BMX Bandits(1983) and Bush Christmas (1983). Nicole was a Leading Role Oscar winner for The Hours in 2002.

Personal life


As she dated mostly famous men, there has been a lot in a newspaper from her personal life. She met Tom in a movie set od Days of Thunder. Cruise divorced his wife and the two actors were a couple for many years. They had a very secret wedding far away from the eyes of the cameras. After Tom , in June 2006, she married a country superstar Keith Urban. She has four kids (two with Tom and other two with Keith).