Biography Of Mollee Gray

139904 1099Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

Mollee was born in Utah in 1991. People mostly remember her from Teen Beach Movie and Teen beach 2, a Disney Channel Original Movies. She is a jazz dancer, singer and actress.

Mollee started dancing as a child in The Dance Club in Orem. Being dancer primarily, got her first movie debut as a dancer and supporting actress in the Out of Step, a dance movie from 2002, which means she was only 11 at the time.

In 2005 she went to audition for High School Musical and got a role of a featured dancer. Her teachers at Dance Club advised her not to go to audition, claiming that she is too young, but she proofed them wrong. When Disney Channel Original decided to make High School Musical 2 she auditioned again and became a principal dancer. Mollee got the same role of a principal dancer in movie The American Mall from 2008, and High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Developing her dance skills she started to train with dance teacher and a choreographer TOKYO. Two of them clicked so much that she became his assistant later on. In 2009 she decided to try out in dance competition and she applied in So You Think You Can Dance in L.A. in the sixth season. She was eighteen years at the time, and although some of the judges thought she was to young and immature she finished among top 20. Nathan Trasoras was the other dancer she was paired with, and two of them made to Semi-finals.

After leaving the competition she appeared on The Ellen DeGenres Show. 2011 was a big year for her. It was the year in which she appeared in many TV shows for an episode. In Big Time Rush she appeared in episode “Big Time Guru”, in Victorious in episode “Beggin On Your Knees”, in Glee in episode “Asian F” and in “Suburgatory” in the episode “Black Thai”. This year also brought to her first appearance in the movie. It was No Strings Attached alongside of Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.

The same year she danced and singed in reality shows America’s Got Talent, The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. Also it was the year in which she released her fist single and music video for her song “You Don’t Know Anything About Me”. Choreography for the video was done by her teacher Tokyo and Jessica Warfield. Next year she was one of the dancers in Taylor Swift’s video “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Teen Beach Movie was released in 2013 and Mollee has appeared as Giggles, and did it once again for the sequel in 2015.


Maybe the most unusual thing about this girl is that she was born half deaf. She can’t hear on her left ear and despite of that she became professional dancer and a singer. Mollee had to overcome some huge challenges to chase her dream but she did it. If she can’t hear all the beats in the tune, she uses vibrations from the floor to follow the rhythm. Her favorite hobbies are rollerblading, hanging on the beach, reading ,writing and riding a scooter.