Biography Of Lou Reed

Lou ReedPhoto by Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

Lou Reed was born on March 2, 1942 and died on October 27, 2013. He was an American rock artist from New York. He introduced more mature and intellectual themes to what was then considered a largely simplistic genre of music.

Reed broke new ground for the rock genre in several important dimensions. Lou Reed was the singer-songwriter whose darkly poetic recordings as frontman for the Velvet Underground. And as a solo artist created indispensable blueprints for punk, glam, noise rock and strain of indie rock.

Early life

He was born Lewis Allan Reed in New York. He grew up in a Jewish family. Since he was a child he was interest in music and played guitar in several bands during his high school years. When he was a teenager he wanted to go on the electroshock therapy to cure him of his bisexuality. Reed studied at Syracuse University, where he graduated also.


He was a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He wrote also for his band The Velvet Underground, and for his solo career. He wrote about subjects of personal experience, like sexuality and drug culture. When the group split up in 1972, Reed began a solo career. He had a hit the following year “Walk on the Wild Side”.

His discography with the Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967), White Light/White Heat (1968), The Velvet Underground (1969) ,Loaded (1970), Live at Max’s Kansas City (1972), The Velvet Underground Live (1974), VU (1985), Another View (1986), Live MCMXCIII (1993), Peel Slowly and See (1995), Fully Loaded (1997), Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes (2001).

His discography as a solo artist: Lou Reed (1972), Transformer (1972,) Berlin (1973), Sally Can’t Dance (1974), Metal Machine Music (1975), Coney Island Baby (1975), Rock and Roll Heart (1976), Street Hassle (1978), The Bells (1979), Growing Up in Public (1980), The Blue Mask (1982), Legendary Hearts (1983), New Sensations (1984), Mistrial (1986), New York (1989), Magic and Loss (1992), Set the Twilight Reeling (1996), Ecstasy (2000), The Raven (2003), Hudson River Wind Meditations (2007).

He had also made many apiriances in movies: One Trick Pony, Get Crazy, Rock & Rule, Permanent Record Faraway, So Close!, Blue in the Face, Closure, Prozac Nation, and Palermo Shooting.

One of Reed’s greatest impacts on the music industry was his dedication to expand the vocabulary of rock & roll lyrics into the previously forbidden territory of kinky sex, drug use, decadence, homosexuality, and depression. He received a liver transplant in and a few moths later he was hospitalized for severe dehydration. He died on October 27. However the cause of Reed’s death is still unknown.

Personal life


Reed married British designer Sylvia Morales and their marriage lasted for many years but they eventually divorced. In 2008 Reed married Laurie Anderson who was also musician like Reed. He expanded his artistic expression into photography, which he pursues with uncompromising honesty and a high degree of realism. He had several solo exibitions.