Biography Of Lea Michele

Lea MichelePhoto by flogvipnd

Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati and she was born in 1986. Her biggest popularity came with a role of Rachel on Glee TV show. But besides being an actress she is a singer and a writer.

She was born in New York City where she finished elementary and high school. She was accepted to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University but she choose to commit to a career instead. Since her last name sound peculiar she started to use her stage name since her first audition.

Even though she never really wanted to be a singer, while she followed her friend to audition Lea got the part in a Broadway musical. She was only eight years old at the time. Her first role was Cosette as a child in Les Miserables. After that she got several other roles but the one that got her famous was Wendla Bergman in a musical Spring Awakening. For that part she was nominated for a Drama Desk Award. She was 14 when she started to work on Spring Awakening and she stayed with them for years.

While she spend her time on the west coast she decided to audition for TV shows. One of them was Glee. She was casted right away to be a vocal diva Rachel. This role got her many awards and nominations including two nominations for Golden Globes. Her first movie role was in the movie New Year’s Eve (2011) where she played Elise a backup singer of Jon Bon Jovi. The other movie role was in the movie Dorothy of Oz (2012), a computer animated movie where she played main role.

In 2013 and 2014 she appeared in Ellen and The X factor, Tonight Show, Good Morning America and others. After trying television she decided to make music album. She announced it in 2012 and it came out in 2014. Two songs were added after her boyfriend died – “Cannonball” and “If You Say So” which were the last words he said to her. Right now she is preparing a new album that should be released this year. Believed or not Lea Michele also wrote couple of books.

First one is called Brunette Ambition. The book is one part a memoir and other part style guide. The book was published in May 2014. The second one is called You First: Journal Your Way to Your Life and this one is a self-help book that should help you become you best selves. Michele was romantically involved with her co-star Cory Monteith who died in 2013. It was a big love that they crowned with matching tattoos. Currently she is dating Matthew Paetz whom she met when she made video for her On My Way song.


He is the first person she dated seriously since Cory died, being the one that helped her to move on with her life. Michele is residing in L.A. with two roommates – two cats and a dog.