Biography Of Kurt Cobain

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Kurt (Donald) Cobain (February 20, 1967- April 5, 1994). He was born in Hoquiam, Washington, USA. He is best known for being a lead singer and guitarist of rock band “Nirvana”. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend with his band but he committed suicide at his Seattle home in 1994.

Early life

His father Donald was an automotive mechanic and his mother Wendy worked as a bartender. In early years he showed an interest in music, art and he was excelled at drawing too. Kurt also played little league baseball. He liked to spent time with his sister but mostly both of them were traumatized because their parents were fighting much.

His parents got divorced at the end and he became withdrawn. After the divorce he went to live with his father and was visiting his mother on weekends.. He attended high school in Aberdeen, and he impressed teachers and students with his artistic talents. He spent much time living in various places.


Cobain started his first band, “Fecal Matter”. They even recorded a few songs together, but they never played any gigs. In 1988, Cobain started playing music with bassist Krist Novoselic who was two years older than him. Soon after drummer Dave Grohl came and the group was formed officially. He finally settled on the name Nirvana for the group. Burckhard was out and Chad Channing had taken over drumming duties. They made their first single “Love Buzz”.

Nirvana’s popularity was growing, and in 1991, they released their debut album, “Bleach”. Two years after, they released their second album “Nevermind”, which started a music revolution. The single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was their biggest single which helped the album to be a long time in the top of the charts. In 1993, “In Utero” was released, their highly acclaimed album. Unfortunately all his success failed in one day after committing suicide.

When he was in Nirvana they released these albums: Bleach (1989), Nevermind (1991) and In Utero (1993). Albums that he released as a solo artist: Montage of Heck, Maximum Kurt Cobain, Rock on ROM and Kurt Cobain [Audio Book].

Personal life

Cobain was always appearing on newspaper covers, mostly because of his his criminal behavior and law problems. He was arrested for spray painting buildings in town with some of his friends, and again, he was in trouble with the law after being found wandering around an abandoned building.. He didn’t stop with this behavior so the newspaper always had something to write about.


He spent a lot of his time exploring different creative outlets—writing, painting, drawing. As for his love life in 1987, he started going out with Tracy Marander, which was his first serious relationship as they lived together, but they broke up. After, Cobain married Courtney Love in 1992. She was the leader of “Hole”, the indie rock band, and they have a daughter together. But in no less than 2 year he was found dead.