Biography Of Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst [my selection 2] 009Photo by FromFranceDavid

Kirsten (Caroline) Dunst was born on April 30,1982. in Point Pleasant, U.S.A. Kirsten is very talented American actress with big movie career by now.

She was born with a talent because from being a very young child till today she has made a huge amount of movies and never stopped filming.

But her big break came when she got the main role in the “Interview With the Vampire” where she beat out many other young actresses to get the role of Claudia. But that role changed her life becoming a big celebrity.

Early life

Her mother Inez worked for an airline company and her father Klaus worked as a medical executive. She began her career when she was just 3 years old, modeling and appearing in commercials. Unlike so many child actors Dunst has grown in popularity.

She attended Ranney School. She also has a brother, Christian. After many years living together her parents decided that their marriage got to an end. After divorce she moved with her mother and brother to Los Angeles in 1993. In L.A. she attended Notre Dame High School and graduated in 2000.


Her first her film acting debut was in the movie “New York Stories” when she was six years old. It is the movie that has been written and produced by Woody Allen, where she got a small part. Her first serious role was is in “Interview with the Vampire” wich gave her the popularity and many more projects.

She worked on differentt movies after including “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, “Jumanji”, “Wag the Dog”, “Dick”, and “Bring It On”. Next she is taking a more mature role of Lux Lisbon in Sophia Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides”, for wich she received rave reviews. She worked constantly as she was in many projects in the same time.

The most known Kirsten’s movies are: Little Women (1994), Anastasia (1997), Wag the Dog (1997), True Heart (1997), Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), Stories from My Childhood (1998), The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1998), Small Soldiers (1998), Get Over It (2001), All Forgotten (2000), Deeply (2000), Bring It On (2000), Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Wimbledon (2004), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008), Spider-Man 3(2007), Melancholia (2011), All Good Things (2010), Bachelorette (2012) and On the Road (2012).

For the movie “Interview with the Vampire” she was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress, the Saturn Award for Best Young Actress and MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.

Personal life


Kirsten has been related just with 2 celebritys by now and that were the actors Garrett Hedlund and Jake Gyllenhaal for 2 years. She was struggeling with depression and even was sent to a treatment facility for a almost a year. And when she came out she started to help others with her story.