Biography Of Kesha

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Kesha Rose Sebert (March 1, 1987.), was born in Los Angeles, (United States). We know her as KE$HA. She is an American music star. Her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on Flo Rida’s number one single Right Round.

In less than three years, she has gone from working in a bar to living out her childhood dreams of singing her songs to people all over the world. She is extraordinary girl we can say but she is also strong, successful and talented.

Early life

Kesha was born to a single parent Pebe Sebert. Her mom was a singer and songwriter and she was struggling financially raising Kesha and her older brother, Lagan. Since she was 5 years old she started to make videos and singing so she says that music is in her blood since she was born. In 1991, Pebe moved with kids to Nashville. There Kesha attended a music school in the Tennessee countryside took songwriting classes, and fell in love with country music. Pebe also taught Kesha how to write songs and she started helping her mother composing lyrics.


When Kesha turned 17, she quit high school and to moved back to L.A. to pursue her music career. Those were some hard times for Kesha. She was working in a bar just to have minimal money to survive, and at the same time trying to further her music spending time in studios. In the beginning she lived with her alleged father when she first moved there and later moved in with a boy. At times she had to live in a car and crashing with her friends.

She made an appearances in a music videos for Katy Perry, and other celebrities, and she was singing back vocals for Britney Spears, so her name was heard. She was hanging out with Dr. Luke. And he was producing the song for Flo Rida. The rapper wanted a female voice in his song so Dr. Luke suggested Kesha. “Right Round” is their song wich gave her the popularity of a real celebrity. She soon after that signed a contract with RCA Records. In the same time Dr. Luke and started working on her debut album.

Her first album “Animal” came out in 2010 in the US. The album was very good accepted in the US and worldwide also. “Animal” was seven years in the making and resulted in Ke$ha’s accumulating over two hundred songs by the time of its release, with fourteen making the final cut. The second album was out next year and included eight new songs and a remix, and it is a companion to the debut album Animal.

Personal life


Ke$ha has been quoted saying strange things about her sex life, however, she keeps her personal relationships very personal. And she doesn’t date men from showbiz. There have been many speculations but she didn’t confirm any of these rumors.