Biography Of Joni Mitchell

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Joni Mitchell (Roberta Joan Anderson) was born on November 07, 1943 in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada. She is a famous songwriter, a singer and a painter.

She has been an enormous influence on many artists with her unique guitar styling and expressive lyrics. After her hits such as “Both Sides Now” and “Big Yellow Taxi,” she is considered 1960s icon. Joni was inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

Early life

She was born to a mother Bill and Myrtle Anderson. When she was 9, Joni was diagnosed a polio, and it was during her staying in the hospital that she began to sing and perform to other patients. She alone learned herself to play the guitar and later she went off to art college and soon she became one of the top performers of all time.


Joni’s songs were highly original and very personal. Because of that she attracted folk-music audiences in Toronto while she was still in her teens. In 1968, she recorded her debut album titled with her name ‘Joni Mitchell’ and the producer was David Crosby. For her sophomore album, ‘Clouds’, Joni Mitchell won her first Grammy Award (best folk performance) in 1969. ‘Ladies of the Canyon’, her third album was a mainstream success.

Her album ‘Court and Spark’ (1974), ended up becoming her most commercially successful project to date and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. Other musicians have also recorded successful covers of her songs. In 2007 she released ‘Shine’, her first album of new songs in almost a decade. The album was a Billboard success and was Mitchell’s nineteenth and final studio album. She was nominated many times during her life for different awards, and has won seven Grammy Awards.

Joni’s other albums are: Blue, Reprise(1971), For the Roses, Asylum(1972), Miles of Aisles, Asylum (1974),The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Asylum(1975), Hejira, Asylum(1976), Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, Asylum(1977), Mingus, Asylum(1979), Shadows and Light, Asylum(1980), Wild Things Run Fast, Geffen (1982), Dog Eat Dog, Geffen(1985), Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm, Geffen (1988), Night Ride Home, Geffen(1991), Turbulent Indigo, Reprise(1994), Hits, Reprise(1996), Misses, Reprise(1996) and ‘Both Sides Now ‘(2000).

Personal life

In 1982 Mitchell married record producer Larry Klein. She has a daughter Kilauren Gibb but Ms. Mitchell, gave up her when she was a 20-year-old struggling arts student. Mitchell announced she was retiring due to her frustration with the music industry. But she changed her mind and released various compilations consisting of her earlier works.


Her voice has faltered from complications due to her health issues with a compressed larynx and polio. Later the world was shocked with the news she was in the coma but she sad that it was the false news. Even though she suffered an aneurysm because she wasnt able to speak or move. Few times she ended in the hospital and every time the newspapers reported people on her condition.