Biography Of Charles Manson

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Charles Milles Manson was born on 1934-NOV-11. He is a person with an unusual ability to dominate others. “The Family” was the name of a doomsday cult that he created around himself.

The cult numbered 100 individuals. By his followers he referred to both as “God” and “Satan” and he claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Charles was born in Ohio.

His mother Kathleen was a teenage prostitute who got pregnant and his father left them. Ms. Maddox married William Manson in order to give her son a name but he abandoned the both of them. Manson’s mother neglected Charles very often so this was a trigger to be the evil criminal.Before he was 10 mother tried to put him into a foster home, but it didn’t happen because the arrangements failed.

Instead she he sent him to school in Indiana, but she failed to make the payments for the school and once again Charles was sent back to his neglecting mother. With only 14 Manson left his mother. He lived of criminal business. His mother turned him into the juvenile authorities, who had him sent to a juvenile detention center from where he escaped. He was arrested in Illinois for robbing a grocery store.

Then he was then sent to the Indiana Boys School, from where he ran away another eighteen times before he was caught. After that he was sent to the Training School for Boys in Washington.After his release from there a new period of Manson’s life began. He went back to West Virginia and married a girl named Rosaline and she hot pregnant with Charles.This was his first real family but he didn’t stop with criminal.

He committed several criminal acts and Charles was given ten years in prison. He studied philosophy and composed songs.His musical skills would later attract followers.His study of philosophy created ideas appealed to his followers. He was attracting people in need of a father figure, unsecure and lonely. Charles packed his crew into an old school bus nine girls and five boys.The group would listen to his twisted stories and take acid trips.

That is how he put ideas into their heads. He told his followers that a war of the races was coming and in that way started to change from being a freedom searching man into a military group. In 1969, Manson ordered a party of his followers to crash a residence in the Los Angeles. They listened tom his orders and viciously murdered everyone there. The group struck again. Again brutal crimes happened.


It wasn’t long before Manson and his followers were arrested for the savage murders.Manson carved an “X” into his head.Manson claimed that he was innocent and that any of the followers were not forced to do anything. He spoke of his strange ideas in front of the jury. Manson is found guilty and all his followers also.They are still in prison to this day.

In Short

Name: Charles Manson

AKA: Charles Milles Manson

Born: 12-Nov-1934

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH

Gender: Male

Race: White

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual [1]

Occupation: Criminal, Singer/Songwriter

Nationality: United States

Description: Helter Skelter