Biography Of Carolina De La Torre

carolina-de-la-torrePhoto by masaryk.tv

Carolina De la Torre was born in Medellin, Colombia and now she lives and works in Mexico. She is a model, a TV host and an actress. She started to pursue modeling career from very young age, working as a lingerie model in her birth town Medellin.

When she moved to Bogota her first jobs were acting in Columbian series novels. After that she moved to Mexico where her first job was hosting a fitness show back in 2013. It was a show about exercises, nutrition tips, beauty, athletes and nutritionists.

Later on she became a host of Area 21, a fun wrestling program at the Arena Naucalpan.Finally she was able to get a job on Fashion TV Mexico, combining everything she loved – fashion, looking and feeling good. De la Torre appeared in Playboy magazine twice, first time in Colombia and next time in Mexico but this time on the cover of the Magazine.
She was on the cover of Open May magazine as well.


Carolina is very proud on her 100% natural body, claiming that she never had any plastic surgeries, calling herself “completely natural women”. She even proved it during a reality show where she brought her x-rays photos, showing that she does not have even bit of silicone in her body. She thinks of Mexico as her new home and she spend last six years living and working here. Although it is possible to find many photos of this luscious beauty, facts about her life are not available online, since her career still did not hit international level.