Biography Of Brooke Shields

Brooke ShieldsPhoto by romankorvinus

Brooke Shields (Brooke Christa Camille Shields) was born on May 31,1965 in New York, USA. She is a very famous fashion model and a movie actress. This actress became a sensation with her Calvin Klein jeans commercial.

After that she was very much popular as a model. But the real fame and popularity came after the movie ‘The Blue Lagoon ‘ where her talent for acting was shown. She was gorgeous young lady and talented also, so she touched the celebrity top.

Early life

Brooke was born to Frank and Terri Shields. Her father worked as an executive for the make-up company and her mother was a model also. She has been in the public eye from the very beginning. As she was a beautiful and talented child her mother pushed her into modeling when she was 1-year-old. In her early career, Brooke cut back on her acting to attend Princeton University in New Jersey and graduated in 1988. Broke has a brother and a sister also.


Her Tv debut was when she was less than a year old when she appeared in an advertisement. Only 3 years after she appeared on the cover of ‘Vogue’. She also starred in several Broadway shows including Chicago Grease, and Cabaret.

In 1978, Shields made her film debut in ‘Pretty Baby’ and followed it up with roles in and ‘Endless Love’ and ‘The Blue Lagoon’. Later she got the got the role in the ‘Suddenly Susan’ Tv series. The sitcom lasted for several years but when it ended, she has moved to other movie projects and she has filmed a huge number of movies and won many important awards.

Brooke has appeared in many movies by now and the most known are: Speed Zone, Brenda Starr, The Diamond Trap, Wet Gold, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Sahara ,Endless Love, The Blue Lagoon, Black and White, The Weekend, The Misadventures of Margaret, The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery, Suddenly Susan, Freeway, The Bachelor, That ’70s Show, Mariti in affitto, Gone But Not Forgotten, The Midnight Meat Train, National Lampoon’s Bag Boy, Hannah Montana, Army Wives and Starting Over and Wild Horses.

Brooke is the author of Is the author of several books, including the memoirs ‘The Brooke Book’ (1983) and ‘Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression’ (2005) and the children’s book It’s the ‘Best Day Ever, Dad!’ (2009).

Personal life

Brooke has been romantically linked with many celebrities: Dean Cain, Michael Bolton, Liam Neeson, Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Jr., John Travolta,Ted McGinley, Woody Harrelson and Prince Albert II. She was married to a tennis player Andre Agassi for 2 years.


After they broke up she met and married a TV writer Chris Henchy in 2001. She later gave birth to 2 children but she wasnt happy after because she had postpartum depression and wrote a book detailing her experience. She is also a vegetarian and an animal rights activist.