Biography Of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie [Harper Bazaar] 004Photo by FromFranceDavid

Angelina Jolie (Voight) was born June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles. She is an actress so unique and beautiful that hardly any actress will accomplish her celebrity status because she is no.1 star in the world.

With her acting talent and her unique beauty she made her Hollywood dream come true long time ago. She played a movie roles in many movies but after she played a character of Gia Marie Carangi in “Gia” the whole world new her.

Early life

Angelina is the daughter of Jon Voight, Academy Award-winning actor. When she was 1-year-old, her mother and father separated and she stayed with his father and her stepmother Marcheline Bertrand who influenced her as she was also an actress. She attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and an in the same time she started her modeling career. After she graduated from Beverly Hills High School at age 16, she was majored in film at New York University.


She began performing at the age of 12 at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and was in several stage productions. Her big screen debut came with 1995’s “Hackers” alongside ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller. After “Gia” she plays startling performance in “Girl, Interrupted” (1999) and winning the Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance. She has also played in 5 movies directed by James Haven, her brother. In 2000, she played a role in “Gone In 60 Seconds” with her husband Billy.

The rest of the movies that Angelina played in are: Maleficent, Kung Fu Panda 2, Salt, The Tourist, Changeling, Kung Fu Panda, Wanted, Beowulf, Beowulf 3D (Digital Real D) , Beowulf: An IMAX 3D Experience, A Mighty Heart, The Mirror, The Good Shepherd , Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Shark Tale, Taking Lives, World of Tomorrow, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Life Or Something Like It , Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Original Sin, The Bone Collector, Playing By Heart, Beyond Borders, Pushing Tin and Dancing About Architecture.

She received a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe for her starring role in the HBO movie Gia. She also worked as a model and appeared in music videos.

Personal life

Jolie has always been in the centre of attention becauuse of her love life and her “extraodinary” behaviour. She is interested in mortuary science and that she also has lots of “weird collections.” She is also known by her many tatoos. At the Oscars, rumors spread about a incestuous relationship between her and her brother, after her emotional speech.


But she and her brother denied the accusation, and the roumors stopped when she married an actor Billy Bob Thornton. They later addopted a Cambodian baby. In 2004, she started dating Brad Pitt who she met at the movie set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and gave birth a daughter Shiloh. Besides their own kids they also adopded, so now they have 6 kids. And the couple was happily married from 2014.