Biography Of Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin (Alexander Rae Baldwin III) was born on April 03,1958 in Massapequa, USA. He is a famous movie actor and also a theater performer. The audience noticed his brilliant acting talent and that he can work with characters in just about every genre.

He is most known from playing in a series ’30 Rock’, which won many awards. Also besides winning so many important prizes that time, his popularity grew very fast and he became a worldwide known star.

Early life

Alec was born as the second of six children of mother Carol, who worked as a teacher, and father Alexander was a sports coach. He spent his early life together with his five siblings of wich are 3 famous actors too (Daniel, William and Stephen,). He attended ‘George Washington University’, and he was supposed to study law, but his love for acting resulted in attending New York University’s drama department.


Baldwin’s career started when he played a role in the ‘The Doctors’ series. His first Broadway appearance was in ‘Loot’, for which he got many important awards. All of these performances helped him to move further for Alec next managed to acquire a major part which was also his first movie role in film in “Forever, Lulu”. Almost in the same year he was performing in many hit movies like ‘Working girl’ and ‘Beetle Juice’. Atter playing a role in the popular sitcom ’30 Rock’ he has demonstrated his knack for comedy.

Next he played in “The Hunt for Red October” and the movie became a very big hit. Also the box office income vas a great sum, about 250 million U.S.$. Also this movie brought him to that the whole world now knew his name. In 1995, he performed in a TV-movie version of “A Streetcar Named Desire” wich received huge praise from the critics due to his brilliant performance in the movie. For that movie he was a nominated for a Lead Actor and also same honor at Golden Globe Awards in the category of Best Performance for the same movie.

The most known Alec’s movies are: Blue Jasmine, Elaine Stritch, Shoot Me AmeriQua, Rock of Ages, It’s Complicated, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, My Best Friend’s Girl, Brooklyn Rules ,Suburban Girl, The Departed The Royal Tenenbaums, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Cats & Dogs, Pearl Harbor, Clerks, Notting Hill, Rise of the Guardians, The Confession, Scout’s Honor, Outside Providence, Mercury Rising, Thick as Thieves, My Sister’s Keeper, and She’s Having a Baby.

Personal life


When he was cast to be a male lead in Jerry Rees’ “The Marrying Man” (1991), playih with a co-star Kim Basinger, they started dating, and they even got married. In 1995, their first daughter Ireland was born. He also loves animals very much so he is very active animal rights activist.